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Ruth Simmons, Brown University President and Will Perez. 

Peréz '08: From humble beginnings to 'Boldly Brown' spokesmanhttp://www.browndailyherald.com/features/perez-08-from-humble-beginnings-to-boldly-brown-spokesman-1.1678048http://www.browndailyherald.com/features/perez-08-from-humble-beginnings-to-boldly-brown-spokesman-1.1678048http://www.browndailyherald.com/features/perez-08-from-humble-beginnings-to-boldly-brown-spokesman-1.1678048http://www.browndailyherald.com/features/perez-08-from-humble-beginnings-to-boldly-brown-spokesman-1.1678048shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2
A Year in Haiti
A different kind of medical education.http://brownmedicinemagazine.org/view/article.php?cw=cGFnZTE0MTU9MSZlbnQxMzE1ND1QQUdFJmVudDk0PTcyJmNudHBhZ2UxMzE1PTEmaXNzOTQ9NQ==http://brownmedicinemagazine.org/view/article.php?cw=cGFnZTE0MTU9MSZlbnQxMzE1ND1QQUdFJmVudDk0PTcyJmNudHBhZ2UxMzE1PTEmaXNzOTQ9NQ==http://brownmedicinemagazine.org/view/article.php?cw=cGFnZTE0MTU9MSZlbnQxMzE1ND1QQUdFJmVudDk0PTcyJmNudHBhZ2UxMzE1PTEmaXNzOTQ9NQ==http://brownmedicinemagazine.org/view/article.php?cw=cGFnZTE0MTU9MSZlbnQxMzE1ND1QQUdFJmVudDk0PTcyJmNudHBhZ2UxMzE1PTEmaXNzOTQ9NQ==&wvSid=d161a0f2dabba4217996ca6ed82ba783shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2

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Responds to Haitihttp://www.brown.edu/web/haiti-response/

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Brown University
Providence, RIhttp://www.brown.edu
Brown University

The following is a summary of the short and long-term goals that we have drafted for the medical working group at Brown regarding Haiti. The work that myself and Dr. Flannigan have been doing to develop a partnership between Brown Med School and medical schools in PAP has been made all the more difficult and for that reason all the more important, now that the medical schools in PAP are no longer standing and the med students are without schooling. Bringing advanced level med students from Haiti to do some of their training at some of Brown's affiliated hospitals is a primary focus of ours.

Short-Term Goals:

1. Fundraising

--Monetary . In conjunction with the Fundraising Working Group, collaborate regarding fundraising ideas that specifically tap into the medical community at Brown and in Providence.

--In-kind donations (i.e., basic medical supplies).

–Work through Partners in Health: http://standwithhaiti.org/haiti/news-entry/how-you-can-help-volunteer-and-donate-supplies/

--Other organizations with which we can partner?

2. Mobilization of the Brown Community

--Assess levels of interest and capabilities of Brown community including students, deans, professors, doctors and staff

--Work through Partners in Health: http://standwithhaiti.org/haiti/news-entry/how-you-can-help-volunteer-and-donate-supplies/

--Inform the medical community of this opportunity for those who are able to be deployed to Haiti. According to their website, they are looking for 2 orthopedic surgeons; 2 anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists; and 5 nurses (2-3 OR nurses and 2-3 post-op/critical care nurses).

--Identify people interested in working within Haiti or for Haitian causes

3. Identify Haitian organizations in need during this crisis period.

--Example: In Providence, the Haitian Project at Crossroads on Broad Street. This may be a good place for Brown students to volunteer and get involved.

4. Identify Haitian organizations interested in building long-term collaborative partnering relationships with Brown.

5. Identify Haitian medical schools with which Brown has Memoranda of Agreements and/or a history of exchange.

Long-Term Goals:

1. Identify key partnerships which can benefit from the strengths of the Brown community in health care and in development

– Conference call with Clinton Foundation currently being planned.

2. Develop opportunities for advanced Haitian medical students to do clinical rotations at Brown based on short-term goal above.

3. Develop sustainable commitments with organizations, groups and projects in Haiti.

--Find opportunities for members of the Brown community to work, volunteer and visit Haiti

Alpert Medical School:

White Coat Ceremony 2009

Brown Graduation:  Will and his family

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